Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Sunsets and Mists over the Sea

Still working on the long thin paintings inspired by the observational watercolours of the misty sunsets over the sea.

The following paintings are also based on the mists at sunset over the horizon. I have been trying a new technique. Trying to achieve transparency along with texture and weight of the water.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Slow progress in studio enjoying watching dawn and sunrise

As it says in title I am making slow progress in the studio I have completed a few ideas using tissue collage. These are then going to be translated into the long thin 4ft format.

I have been making the most of days at Dunwich taking lots of pics sketching collecting stones and just looking in silence. This has been starting at dawn what wonderful colours the birds are great to flying over the sea circling round before heading off for the day, then comes the sunrise unique every time.

I cannot believe that this is the last week of the season I will be packing up the caravan till next March on the 31st I dread it. It has been really cold this last week the heating in the new van has been great.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sketches in watercolour of sea

These sketches were completed after one of many heavy showers just as the sun was setting the colours constantly changing -very watery misty veiled undefined.

I love the long thin format and have used this successfully before.

I have some glass frames in this format to and want to experiment with them I may translate them into tissue to try to keep the feeling of transparency.

Friday, 10 September 2010

August Over

Most of August I normally spend out of the studio and researching on the coast. I have been collecting stones, found objects, taking photos, sketching etc. The aim is to return to the studio in September to work I am finding this difficult to do this year with weddings, anniversaries and my self doubt.

There has been some fantastic skies colours and textures in the sea. The sea seemed to be like a large lace fan opening out.
The shadow figures look great against the large prominent clouds which looked to me as if they could fall into the sea at any moment.

Perhaps putting some of my pics and sketches on the blog might help me kick start the process.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Take down of Textures, Traces & Elements

Its has been a busy week since I took down the the exhibition with Jazz and Carol on the the 1st Aug. This has been my first opportunity to work on the blog. It was a privilege to exhibit with them both the inspiration for our work is similar but the processes and outcomes are different. I sat at the gallery on the last Friday and found it rewarding and interesting to hear the comments.

I sold a small framed piece Watercolour Heartstone -pic below. I really enjoyed painting a series of these small watercolours on a rainy days in the caravan after finding them on a beach walks at Dunwich.

A couple who visited on the Friday while I was sitting were very interested in Long Shadows and may get back to me they had stayed at this location the previous January. Earlier on the blog I traced the evolution of this piece.

Long Shadows

There were some good comments on the joint visitors sheets Jazz was marked 10 out of 10 , I got 9. by one visitor
Also there was a very encouraging comment saying that another couple visited 3 times to sit on the sofa and just look at the exhibition and in particular my piece the Long Shadows again its great to be able to give pleasure like that. I was pleased to meet them at the P.V.
It helps to get positive feedback.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Private View Of Textures, Traces & Elements

We are all really pleased with the exhibition. It was yet again a lovely day for the P.V. we could sit outside in the courtyard amongst the rose bushes, rosemary and lavender. There were lots of visitors to the walks and some joined use. Our visitors enjoyed the ambiance of the gallery and of cause the food and drink.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Textures, Traces & Elements

I have been at the Beyond the Image, hanging the Textures, Traces & Elements. exhibition with Jazz, Carol and Angie Broadberry a photographer and exhibition coordinator from the gallery. Angie's help and advise was invaluable after hard work and deliberation the exhibition has come together really well; The gallery is brilliant and we would be delighted if you would join us at the P.v. on Saturday or visit during the course of the exhibition; I will be sitting in the gallery on Fri July29th.

You are warmly invited to the Private View on Saturday, 3rd July 2010, 12 noon to 2pm of a new art exhibition at Beyond the Image Gallery:

An exhibition of mixed media paintings, collagraph prints, ceramics & textiles by three Suffolk artists: Hazel Bignell, Jazz Green & Carol Pask.

These three artists respond very differently and uniquely in imagery, process and materials to the East Anglian landscape. Hazel Bignell incorporates collage, painting and mixed media on canvas, inspired by time spent at the coast – of pebbles, eroded cliffs, waterlines and shadows. Jazz Green zooms in on the overlooked details of the rural landscape, the ephemeral traces of weathering on neglected outbuildings, the myriad colours of rust, mould and lichens, which are subtly distilled into contemplative, minimalist abstract works on canvas and paper. Carol Pask is an established ceramicist best known for her raku and smoke-fired pots, who also works in sculpture and textiles. Carol’s work is also abstracted from the natural environment, with an emphasis on organic structures and natural textures and colours. When seen together, the work of these three artists introduce a fresh and contemporary perspective on art and the landscape.

Beyond the Image Gallery is a contemporary exhibition space located within the beautiful setting of the Thornham Estate, conveniently situated just of the A140, midway between Ipswich and Norwich. The Thornham Estate also includes twelve miles of waymarked footpaths through naturalised meadow and woodland, known as the Thornham Walks. Together with designated picnic areas, a traditional walled garden, an information centre and a cafe, it makes a visit to the Thornham Estate a very enjoyable and relaxing day out for all the family.
TEXTURES, TRACES & ELEMENTS at Beyond the Image is open Friday to Sunday, 11am-4pm, from the 2nd July to 1st August 2010.
Click here to view the gallery location on Google maps.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Thoughts turn to Textures, Traces & Elements Exhibition

Iam know selecting work for
Exhibition at Beyond The Image Gallery at Thornham Magna
2nd July - 1st August.

Also my niece's exhibiton in Fashion and Illustration is about to take place at Suffolk New College and am looking forward to the P.V.
Its really worth a look very fresh exciting work.

Second and my last weekend of Open Studios 2010

A piece I have been working on over the last two weekends during SOS


I had fewer visitors this weekend but it went well. Visitors were keen to talk about my work learn more about techniques and inspiration for my work. A further piece sold from visitors in Suffolk for the weekend.

I really liked this comment in my visitors book. Wonderful. A triumph of observation.

Saturday, 5 June 2010


Today Sat. June 5th. was the first day of my open studios weekend. I have spent a lot of time this week preparing I thing my efforts have paid off. This morning I was thinking who would want to visit art studios on a glorious day like today. To my surprise I have had a steady steam of people all day.
I am showing some new approaches and themes this year my 7th year of SOS time flies. The reaction was positive the glass framed pieces have gone down well. It has been really rewarding to discuss my work with strangers some budding artists who were surprised at the results I have achieved with acrylic paint.

Wet Lands - SOLD

I sold a painting from the Found series. A theme that combines natural and man made objects found on beach walks in the actual art work. My aim is to give a sense of place. The work is more abstract in conception using memory and imagination.

I really enjoy making these pieces in this series work. They also are reminders of the walk I took when gathering the found objects.

Just had a phone call from Liz a visitor today who would like to purchase another piece. Great.


An old friend and colleague called in as well a great surprise lovely to see her and her husband. Brought back many memories of gallery visits we took with students in tow and happy hours working in the art department.

Hope tomorrow goes as well.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

SOS Exhibition Blackthorpe Barn Rougham 15th- 23rd May

The images are of my work on the setting up day. The P.V. evening the following day was extremely busy.

Today I had the chance to really look at the whole exhibition it has come together really well. This is due to the hard work of SOS members who volunteered to set up the exhibition.

I have spent the morning sitting in the barn meeting visitors. They seemed to enjoy the experience and after looking at the exhibition visiting the cafe area. It is always good to get feed back from the public and I found it interesting discussing my work with the visitors and some expressed an interest in visiting me at my studio during the first two weekends in June.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Choosing Paintings For SOS Exhibition at Blackthorpe Barns, Rougham

The annual showcase Suffolk Open Studios Exhibition at Blackthorpe Barns, opens this coming Sat 15th May 11am - 5pm with a private view evening on Friday 14th. 6pm -9pm.

I have been selecting work the final choice will be made on the hanging day it will depend on my position in the barn. Will also put up a piece in the Wrap in Go area were the public will be able to buy and take away at the time of their visit.

I normally dont frame my work but I had a gut feeling about this piece - Pink Lady - I had intended to paint the inside of the frame with a strong blue/purple much as Howard Hodgkin does so it becomes part of the piece. I haven't done as yet but have matched the colour with the white tones in the painting.

The first painting that appears on the post is called New Year Heartstone - it is inspired by a stone I found at new year on the beach at Dunwich. I loved the colours the heart is drawn by a colour thread that runs through the stone.

The second a contender for the wrap and go area is from the Found Series of work it incorporates a found heartstone on the small raised canvas

The third for the wrap and go a Sea Series piece called- Looking Down - it is a view captured last year in a sketch backed up by a photo looking over the cliff edge to the beach below at Dunwich on a very warm day. O I long for that warmth and glow again. I love the long thin slice of the landscape.

The fourth is called White Cliff Figures this uses collage, texture and muted colours. This also is a new way of presenting work for me. I haven't tried this with the public yet I might keep this piece for the Textures, Traces and Elements , exhibiton at Beyond The Image Gallery, Thornham Magna 2nd July - 1st August.

The fifth is Pink Lady.

Why not visit the exhibition to view the work of the SOS artists that will be opening their studios during the weekends in June.

I will be opening my studio at Long Thurlow during weekends June 5/6th, 12/13th 11am -5pm.
go to for more info and map etc for location.