Thursday, 28 April 2011

Found Series using small canvas

I have combined one of the small canvases with this fantastic beach find the metal has been eaten away forming this organic natural looking shape it is encrusted with sand and very small stone particles. I think it works well do you.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Small Canvases

I have been using the idea of transparency e,g. water and density of foam and sand

The middle canvas combines a small piece of metal in the shape of a heart I found on the beach

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Found Series

The found objects were collected on a beach walk at Dunwich. I selected them because of their colour texture. The metal backing is wonderful, I could see it from a distance relatively large by other pieces I have found, I couldn't wait to reach it. From then on I was selecting finds that might work together as a finished piece. I have an obession with the beauty of weathered worn aged objects. My daughter recently returned from a short break to Florence with superb photos of worn buildings which brought back memories of my visit many years ago. The archive of images in my brain are very evident in my current paintings today.

This detail 0f Figure Stone Cliff Figures is a case in point. I see a correlation between the metal background on the found piece.

Below is a detail of the piece. I found all the pieces on the same walk. It shows a close up view of a Heartstone, the thin gauge wire which I used to attach objects and allows me to draw using the wire into the piece. The objects were selected because of the subtle colours and tone and textures. A window frame of an old caravan or boat with rivets, a paint brush handle which I thought were appropriate to me -all weathered etched by time- sand -sea -salt and wind.