Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Working in studio

During a visit yesterday to Dunwich I found a weathered piece of wood which is just what I needed to add to a piece I am working on.

 I want the pieces to be free of frames to be floating I have connected them by hanging them from the wood by wire.

This piece is larger the painting is about A1 the found wood was washed up on the beach earlier this year it is reminiscent  of a boat with cargo. Not sure how this will go.

A pic taken Mon or Tues of a passing boat with cargo. 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

New Camera

In my last post I said about problems with my Minolta SLR they proved to be terminal as the parts cannot be sourced.  As a result I have bought a Sony a65 so I can continue using my assortment of Minolta lens from the old camera.
I have enjoyed experimenting with the camera technology has moved on a lot in the last 6 years and so far I am very pleased with it. It has a panoramic function which is great it extends the landscape and works really well with the cliffs and sea views my earlier paintings used this format a lot. When viewing them on the camera it will scroll along the image- fantastic.

Just an example

Moon rising about 6,15pm  with boats on the horizon I seem to be obsessed by boats they have returned in some numbers along this piece of the coast they lay slumbering in the water swinging round with the tide waiting for oil prices to rise.

Time 7.50 taken with night setting

I am sure this theme of boats water and moon will filter through in to my work after all I am a water sign and controlled by the moon.