Sunday, 31 January 2010


4th Jan -
Visit to Minsmere/ Dunwich - wonderful day, fantastic blue sea - sky unbelievable bold dark shadows, a tonic for the heart and soul.
Using my new wide angle lens - a Christmas present. Really extends view. Brilliant.

13th Jan -
Fired up by my visit to Minsmere beginning to translate visit into painting. Collage with painted tissue and paper onto ground.

13th Jan -
I like the energy of the piece and how the collage is flying off the edge. I hate the constraints of the canvas edge. I still haven't resolved whether to keep the ragged edge - so still in progress.
I am adding some pics of stages in the Minsmere Jan 4th painting. I finally decided to keep the edge of the canvas.

Feb 16th.

Visited Dunwich and Minsmere on Sat 13th and was suprised to come across snowdrops under the trees on the cliff top at Dunwich village they are just coming out and will make a superb display by next weekend. I have walked along the path for years but never before at the right time to see them. Made the visit a real pleasure after our Fish and chip lunch at The Ship.Forgot my camera excuse to return.

I am pleased that the finished painting seems to have the energy I wanted to achieve and captures my response to that wonderful view.

Following on from the previous piece, this is a painting in acrylic on one piece of tissue. I love the translucent qualities and its fragility. I have been using tissue for years sometimes in 3d work as well. A few months ago a good artist friend in Spain suggested this tissue as she had been using it. You can paint directly onto a sheet and it doesn't disintegrate.

10th Jan -
A week later from the previous see picture. A very cold damp day but in its way beautiful.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Sketchbooks & Development: Heartstone

The first painting is based on a sketch of a Heartstone from my collection.
The pictures show the development of painting and the last a view from my studio:

Elements: Man and the Environment Exhibition

This Monday I went to the launch of Elements: Man and the Environment Exhibition at the Forum, Norwich - worth a visit

Suffolk Open Studios

Picture of entry for Suffolk Open Studios, the inspiration: stone found on the beach with a pink shadow figure and heart shape in stone:

I will be exhibiting my work at the Suffolk Open Studios Showcase Exhibition:
15th - 24th May 2010
11am-5pm Blackthorpe Barn Rougham
nr Bury St Edmunds

In the meantime, if you would like to see my work please email me regarding a visit to my Studio.

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