Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Take down of Textures, Traces & Elements

Its has been a busy week since I took down the the exhibition with Jazz and Carol on the the 1st Aug. This has been my first opportunity to work on the blog. It was a privilege to exhibit with them both the inspiration for our work is similar but the processes and outcomes are different. I sat at the gallery on the last Friday and found it rewarding and interesting to hear the comments.

I sold a small framed piece Watercolour Heartstone -pic below. I really enjoyed painting a series of these small watercolours on a rainy days in the caravan after finding them on a beach walks at Dunwich.

A couple who visited on the Friday while I was sitting were very interested in Long Shadows and may get back to me they had stayed at this location the previous January. Earlier on the blog I traced the evolution of this piece.

Long Shadows

There were some good comments on the joint visitors sheets Jazz was marked 10 out of 10 , I got 9. by one visitor
Also there was a very encouraging comment saying that another couple visited 3 times to sit on the sofa and just look at the exhibition and in particular my piece the Long Shadows again its great to be able to give pleasure like that. I was pleased to meet them at the P.V.
It helps to get positive feedback.