Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New Year

Photos show metal work on the beach this has been exposed by winter tides. Today Jan 23rd there was lovely blue skies, few clouds, bright sun, calm sea and a chilly wind blowing of the land. Walking was made easy by the firm sand. Wonderful !

Flat blue sea.
Exposed wooden posts and metal. This part of the beach was used to simulate the D Day landings this could be remains from it. They are not normally this visable.

To the left blue flat sea and sky Southwold looking inviting in the distance. The exposed wooden posts zig zag across the beach.

Moments later to the right Sizewell muted tones against the brightness of the sun in the camera lens

My First boat of the new year I found the pieces on visit to Minsmere beach on Jan 9th. along with a large piece of eroded metal which when opened out is a large round disc.

Boats go to new homes.

Boats wrapped up ready to go to new homes before Christmas. It is always hard to part with art work I find it so anyway.