Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sketches in watercolour of sea

These sketches were completed after one of many heavy showers just as the sun was setting the colours constantly changing -very watery misty veiled undefined.

I love the long thin format and have used this successfully before.

I have some glass frames in this format to and want to experiment with them I may translate them into tissue to try to keep the feeling of transparency.

Friday, 10 September 2010

August Over

Most of August I normally spend out of the studio and researching on the coast. I have been collecting stones, found objects, taking photos, sketching etc. The aim is to return to the studio in September to work I am finding this difficult to do this year with weddings, anniversaries and my self doubt.

There has been some fantastic skies colours and textures in the sea. The sea seemed to be like a large lace fan opening out.
The shadow figures look great against the large prominent clouds which looked to me as if they could fall into the sea at any moment.

Perhaps putting some of my pics and sketches on the blog might help me kick start the process.