Monday, 14 June 2010

Thoughts turn to Textures, Traces & Elements Exhibition

Iam know selecting work for
Exhibition at Beyond The Image Gallery at Thornham Magna
2nd July - 1st August.

Also my niece's exhibiton in Fashion and Illustration is about to take place at Suffolk New College and am looking forward to the P.V.
Its really worth a look very fresh exciting work.

Second and my last weekend of Open Studios 2010

A piece I have been working on over the last two weekends during SOS


I had fewer visitors this weekend but it went well. Visitors were keen to talk about my work learn more about techniques and inspiration for my work. A further piece sold from visitors in Suffolk for the weekend.

I really liked this comment in my visitors book. Wonderful. A triumph of observation.

Saturday, 5 June 2010


Today Sat. June 5th. was the first day of my open studios weekend. I have spent a lot of time this week preparing I thing my efforts have paid off. This morning I was thinking who would want to visit art studios on a glorious day like today. To my surprise I have had a steady steam of people all day.
I am showing some new approaches and themes this year my 7th year of SOS time flies. The reaction was positive the glass framed pieces have gone down well. It has been really rewarding to discuss my work with strangers some budding artists who were surprised at the results I have achieved with acrylic paint.

Wet Lands - SOLD

I sold a painting from the Found series. A theme that combines natural and man made objects found on beach walks in the actual art work. My aim is to give a sense of place. The work is more abstract in conception using memory and imagination.

I really enjoy making these pieces in this series work. They also are reminders of the walk I took when gathering the found objects.

Just had a phone call from Liz a visitor today who would like to purchase another piece. Great.


An old friend and colleague called in as well a great surprise lovely to see her and her husband. Brought back many memories of gallery visits we took with students in tow and happy hours working in the art department.

Hope tomorrow goes as well.