Sunday, 28 April 2013

Found Series and Alfred Wallis

I am experimenting putting some of my current and past pieces into 50cm square recessed frames.

                                                 I think this works well using card mount.

I have made a tissue background to try out on this piece but not sure 

 This is using card mount 

On card mount
It was a joy finding these pieces on walks last week at Dunwich the long thin piece was hidden amidst a lump of sea weed

On tissue - not sure

I have recently been to an Alfred Wallis exhibition at the Time and Tide  museum at Gt.Yarmouth. 
I missed it at Kettles Yard last year and was so pleased to visit with a good friend.
You may remember my obsession with boats from past posts.

I bought a book called ALFRED WALLIS Ships and Boats at the museum that accompanies the exhibition. 
I was sitting on the beach reading it with the sun beating down on my face feeling it energising my spirits. 
Some of the paintings depict boats with large fish swimming underneath  or flying beside them. Wallis often spoke of the fish he painted as the soul of a ship. " for each boat has a soul, a beautiful soul shaped like a fish, so the fish I've painted aren't fish at all, you wouldn't be any good without a soul, would'ee?"

After reading and enjoying over 70 illustrations it contains I decided to go hunting for found objects and I couldn't believe it when I found the fish shaped piece of wood with its gaping mouth and eye also the bird shapes on its tail. So the work in progress shows the soul of the boat on its back.